Giants look to get back on playoff track after an embarassing loss by T.D. Hawks of Trash Talk Sports


A missed field goal from 30 yards, two interceptions, and three 4th down attempt failures and it was over! To make it worse, it all started with a bad pass on only the second play of the game. They did make it to the red zone, but came out each time with a doughnut and even less momentum. The Giants are a team that is based on Eli Mannning. If he is not performing then the whole team suffers. Eli was on the field for only 1/3 of the game and that killed their defense. Those guys were sucking wind. The way the defense is set up is to get at the QB fast. If you are out there for 40 minutes, getting at the QB becomes more and more difficult.


The recipe for getting shut out: 1 underperforming QB, 4 exhausted d-linemen and a dash of an injured secondary.

Getting shut out so close to the end of the season and with the playoffs on the line is a good way to get motivated.  Well that is what I and every other Giants fan are hoping. They now have to win their last two games to make it in. So let’s start with Baltimore.


Even with a playoff berth, the Ravens will definitely be out to get at the Giants this week. A Manning brother came to town last week and provided them with a ripe ass beating. And Harbaugh wants a little revenge for his own brother.  A win for the Ravens may or may not come easy. If the Giants show up with the same attitude as last week then I will be hitting the bottle a bit harder on Sunday. If the Ravens face the same team as the other Harbaugh, then it is going to be a long day for Baltimore. The Ravens have a tough choice this week. They have already clinched a playoff spot and whether they win or lose their seed will not change. They also have a great amount of injuries. But have lost 3 straight and want to go into the playoffs with some momentum. What to do? Rest your injured team or risk it for the pride of winning a meaningless game. The Giants, I’m sure, would not mind a lax Ravens team, but from a fan’s standpoint I do not think they deserve an easy win.


The time has come for the Super Bowl winning Giants to come back to the field. The Ravens are the first team in the way for the six wins needs to get another Lombardi trophy. And this is how the first win is going to come:


Ahmad Bradshaw makes his return this week, and with Wilson sharing the carries, the Giants should have no problem running all over the 26th ranked rushing defense of the Ravens. But this week is going to be on Eli’s shoulders. He needs to redeem himself after last week and an overall bad second half of the season. It is now crunch time and this is when Eli shows his true self; a DB shredding monster, beware the Eli.



Prince and Kenny make their return to the secondary this week. With everyone being covered and Flacco having no time to throw the ball, due to the pass rush, the job of the defense this week is to stop the running game of Ray Rice. He has the potential to blow up so they must hold him at bay.



The Giants are healthy and coming off an embarrassing loss. This is the perfect time start to a six game run. Let’s go!

Giants – 42        Ravens – 10


T.D. Hawks

Trash Talk Sports






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